Tuesday, July 12, 2005


we rolled into chapel hill in the early afternoon and called out homie
dee dee who was randomly staying in chapel hill to see a friend. we
were in bad need of showers so she was cool enough to let all 10 of us
come up to her hotel room and wash the sweat and spit off ourselves.
the frequency guys washed up and headed into town to check it out. the
8-bitches and josh curled up on floors and in windowsills to crash a
power nap before the show.

refreshed and road weary, the crew headed into town following many a
pro-bush auto on the freeway (interstate goddammit!!!) we got to the
venue, the night light, and the rest of the mormons were already
there. there was a comedy show going on in the venue and the place was
some weird bookstore that they sold beer at.

chapel hill is a weird place and has the most jogging people we've ever
seen... we met up with our micromusic homie jeremy from the
receptors. there was NO ONE at the club so we got drunk on the
sidewalk and people were doing bong rips. it was the last night of
frequencies leg of the tour so they were extra aggressive and obnoxious
with passers by. they said fuck it and decided not to even bother

it turns out that one of the guys from Ween was playing around the
corner and everyone that was breathing or living was at that club. we
got a real late start and the mormons finally said fuck it and decided
to play. there were about 4 people in the venue that weren't in one of
the other bands. a member of 8-bit even had to bribe a girl to come
into the club by buying her a 7-up. she stayed for about two mormons
songs and then took off...

8-bit was about to start and le-frost walked into the bar next door and
told people that she would punch people in the face if they didn't come
see 8-bit. oddly enough, like 10 people followed her into the club.
8-bit went a little spaz and were climbing on the bookshelves. the
sound was crap and there were very few people at the show but it turned
out to be fun afterall.... the robots finished their set and cleared
the stage for jeremy from the receptors.

jeremy said fuck it and he decided not to play either. everyone just
rolled out into the street and the guys from frequency wound up
leaving??? what a weird fucking night?? the nakedest band on earth
just bounced without playing or saying real goodbyes. weird as hell...
hopefully we will see them again in september.

the robots hung out with jeremy smoking pot and drinking beer. the
club said that they weren't going to pay any of the bands so we stole a
bunch of books that we've always wanted as payment. no matter what
happens, 8-bit always finds a way to get some form of payment. this
time it was about $60 in books. wooo fucking hooo. that will fill the
gas tank..

jeremy wound up taking off and the robots hung out on the street and
got drunk with the few people that were at the show. there was a
two-piece tall wooden sign in front of the club that had their events
listed on it. robo-t's drunken ass said that he wanted to try to
hurdle it. people were trying to talk him out of it but there is just
no convincing a drunken robot what is good for him...

he got a good running start and leapt high into the air. he almost
cleared it but got his two caught on the top of the sign and he took a
full-on header into the curb and the sign rolled up on top of him. it
was funny as fucking hell.....

we dragged our broken asses out of there and headed back to dee dee's
hotel room. the door guy wasn't too happy with 6 people going up to a
tiny one bed room but he let us up anyway. a few minutes later, he
called up to the room and said we had to get a hotel room too...
motherfucker!! the club didnt pay and now this dick wants us to pay
for a room too??? we havent stayed at a hotel this whole trip. why
would we want to start in chapel hill of all places??

dee dee was so fucking nice. she agreed to pay for a hotel room for us
in exchange for some robo-sexual favors. a robot quickly agreed and
she got us a room!!! man, that girl is so nice!!! we got a good night
of sleep and everyone got to shower. she made a shitty date on tour
really fun and nice. dee dee rules!!!


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